News Tower

Develop your newspaper and become New York’s new media mogul! In this tycoon, build and manage your newspaper from printer to toilet. Create your editorial line and lead your journalists through unique 1930’s stories and dig out the latest scoops!

Live the life of an aspiring influential publisher in New York City during the 1930s. Define your editorial line and search the globe for the newsworthy stories of the decade. The Prohibition, the Great Depression. But watch out! The mafia, mayor, and other factions will be more than happy to use your influence in New York City to print their own “truth”.

In News Tower, you will follow some of the key moments of the 1930s. It’s up to your reporters to beat the deadline to get the news while it’s hot. Time is money in News Tower! Search for exciting news across the US and the world that matches your reader’s interest and editorial line.

Send your reporter down a path, but be mindful of the risk and rewards of each: poking your nose around the mafia may lead to “offers” that you can’t refuse… Not everyone is in favor of the freedom of the press…

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